Thursday, September 10, 2009

Davidelfin 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

David Delfin may be great friends with the likes of Pedro Almodovar and actress Mariola Fuentes, but the Spanish former actor has left the drama behind trading it in for fashion. Delfin's line, Davidelfin, held a small presentation last season during New York Fashion Week, but this morning, the designer took it to the tents for the first time.
"I think it's very important to be there, on the official calendar," said Delfin in an interview with Fashion Week Daily. "All the press are there, all the's very important. It's a big step." Indeed it is. "The name of this collection is Playback, and it's all about my previous life as an actor." As for the clothes themselves? "The inspiration came from many different places," he said. "My last three or four collections were very dark--not only in the colors, but they were dramatic in their presentation. This time, I needed to do something different--it's a U-turn. I didn't use black, not at all! There's dark blue, but no black. It's much more colorful."
And indeed it was! With plenty of greens and whites, Elfin presented a collection full of punk swagger. Loved the asymmetrical cuts, and the androgynous feel of the pieces! A very good debut from a promising designer!

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