Monday, September 14, 2009

DKNY 2010 Sping/Summer Collection

Named "City in Bloom", Karan's collection played neutrals off a host of florals, including charming little peonies and splashy floral and graffiti prints. There were endless propositions of the suit: boyfriend jackets paired with little cuffed shorts, slouchy pegged pants...
Biker shorts, strangely named "Smoothies", were worn under every dress and short. Runway worthy? Perhaps not, but it was certainly filled with items that might make great additions to any girl's rotation. You could easily envision a model nicking a fab little sage silk romper to hit her go-sees.
If the collection bordered on being too busy at times, the polished, practical silhouettes- skirt suits and slouchy pants, DKNY staples- rooted it in wearability. Even the biker shorts were worn in a most manageable way, peeking out from under skirts and tailored shorts. In between all the pink and peonies were plenty of straight citified looks, such as cool khaki and black jumpsuits, and the accessories, like strappy heels and chain-trimmed bags, further emphasized an urban edge.

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