For spring, a relaxed French sensibility- “simple, sporty and chic” according to show notes- wove its way through creative director Christophe Lemaire’s lineup, which offered as much for off the court as on. Shapes were slouchy and swishy, as in terrific roomy knits, poplin micropleated skirts, poncholike toppers and ultrachic wide-leg linen pants. The obligatory crisp whites (often with navy piping) were mixed with chambrays and whiffs of the sea via blue and green shades, which, coupled with the chic stripes and a charming dot print, lent a refreshing feel to the clothes.

On the men’s side, blouson jackets, striped polos and lightweight boatneck sweaters were paired with easy cotton pants — some pleated — or sporty, thigh-baring shorts. The retro wooden rackets used as props lent a charming touch, apropos of the U.S. Open in its final days, but the overall direction of the show seemed more about presenting a commercial retail collection than any inspired creativity. Collection included Sigail Currie.