Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of Pre-Fall: Michael Kors

There wasn't a unifying element to Michael Kors' Pre-Fall collection other than the whole home on the range/western motif, but even as camp as that theme can be, these were some pretty well-tailored clothes. Something tells me this wasn't geared towards the trendy 20-25 year old crowd, but the older woman who likes to make a statement.

Best of Pre-Fall 2012: Lanvin

Alber Elbaz said it best when he said the Pre-Fall Lanvin collection would be all about new fabrics and new volumes... It was a very luxe collection, very fresh-looking too. But did we really expect anything else?

Best of Pre-Fall 2012: Alexander Wang

What do you get when you add Japanese schoolgirl elements to menswear tailoring? Alexander Wang's very winning, very minimalistic Pre-Fall collection. Colours were monochromatic, and there were some very interesting fabric elements, (transparent mesh) but it wasn't too far off from the sporty chic we expect from Wang. And chic it was.

Best of Pre-Fall 2012: Givenchy

Not my fave Givenchy collection, but I appreciated its sobriety. The boots are a no, at least for me, but I like how the whole thing referenced past Givenchy collections, and fabric choice through-out was very nice. Is Tisci running out of ideas? I highly doubt it, but we're just gonna have to wait for the Fall season to see...