Monday, September 7, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent 2010 Spring/Summer Menswear Collection

In his quest to constantly present new images and shapes, and challenge how we wear what we wear, it's understandable why designer Stefano Pilati will have his female models parading in menswear-inspired power suits and androgynous-looking cuts. But what does he do for his menswear collection? Infuse his pieces with femininity of course!
Pilati is a reinterpretative kind of designer, and his 2010 menswear collection proved this. He took a simple staple piece, the tee, and elongated it, shrouded it, exploded it, and wrapped it around his male models. The collection itself didn't particularly gel, but really, fashion has moved from a place where that actually mattered.
In true Pilati-style, the collection was very Parisian, with seemingly old, seemingly romantic touches. It was also a collection that, surprisingly, was very hobo chic. For a designer known for his clean lines, the layering may suggest a new direction.
The high pants and what appeared to be tube sheer undershirts, and zippered sandals gave the collection 21st-century accents, but like any other Pilati collection, the pieces were all very timeless.

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