Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marchesa 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Designer Georgina Chapman is beloved by some of the most glamourous celebrities and superstars the world over, yet, she has admitted to not knowing why. It's simple, really, if you're familiar with the label's design aesthetic- basically, it's glamour to the nth degree.
Chapman at least knows not to mess with this formula- for Spring, her reference was Madame Butterfly seen in the whimsy of most of the pieces on display. There was something of a set-design element to the very matte black and white dresses that almost looked as if they'd been cut out of paper. And, of course, the drama of Chapman's signature sculptural and gravity-defying ruffles of horsehair is nothing short of operatic. The lace "leggings" that seemed to have been stenciled on was another stand-out of the collection, as well as the excess of volume here and there. Still, it was a collection that teetered on both sides of the glamour fence- sometimes it was a bit too voluminous, sometimes it was done just right. The breathtaking Grecian gown draped partly with black lace, however, is a reminder of the talent behind the Marchesa label.

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