Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

For Marc Jacobs' second collection, colour was the order of the day. There were pastels, stripes, polka-dots, more stripes- it was all retro, all American. Dick Page, the Makeup Artistic Director for Shiseido and hairstylist Guido brought back Madonna’s signature look from the 80s in totally fresh and exciting ways- "To match the collection,” Page explained, “ we made everything bright. We wanted just a little bit of color for a young and clean look.”
Mixing and matching patterns and colours every which way, the collection made more sense than his Resort collection earlier this way, though all this collection really did was flesh out that one's themes of colour.
For those who opined that his earlier collection wasn't grounded in wearability, with this collection Jacobs gave his naysayers enough reason to shut up.
I hardly publish writing outside of critical analysis, but I swear that this collection makes me want to preen and opine like a fanboy (complete with mispellings and multiple exclamation marks). Well, here goes- I LOOOOVE the colours! I love the way they pop with a kind of 80's/neon/downtown -ness.
I love sunniness, the cartoonish knowing, the full liveliness of the pieces! I also love the nerdiness of the male pieces, the affected effortless way of dressing that seems to be so en vogue these days.
After largely impressing with his Marc Jacobs collection yesterday, the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection now has every tongue wagging for Louis Vuttion! I cannot wait! Kudos to Sheena Moulton for having walked, too!

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