Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zero+Maria Cornejo 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Forget thematic odes to exotica and wanderlust. When Maria mines her own travels for inspiration, she does it subtly. “What impressed me wasn’t the architecture of these places,” she says. “but that nature kept trying to break through.” Her collection channeled the push and pull of Mother Earth versus man. Key to her story were the fantastic digital prints- printed squiggles (meant to resemble “urban white noise”) to wood, grass and ocean patterns, taken by Cornejo herself on her iPhone. (Real wood, meanwhile, showed up on sleek belts, necklaces and cuffs.) Cornejo also covered the organic motif with gorgeously at-ease twisted and draped dresses. Indeed, for all the earthy raw power pulsing throughout the artsy-yet-accessible collection, there was an air of gentility too, one the designer punched up with quirky sandal-bootie hybrids and a capsule swimwear debut. Oh. And Jeneil Williams looked gorgeous!

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