Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Romero Bryan

So after much rescheduling and of course that pesky lil thing called time zone difference (the UK is 6 hours ahead of Jamaican time), I was finally able to sit down and have a little tête-à-tête with upcoming London-based designer to the stars (Kelly Rowland, Christina Milian, Naomi Campbell) and friend, Romero Bryan. Here's what we spoke about:

Describe the line in your own words.

The ROMERO BRYAN mainline is my higher end brand that catches the attention of celebrities and wealthier women who want to stand out in sexy, edgy dresses. Kelly Rowland and Elizabeth Jagger are some of the fans and customers of this line.
ROME by Romero Bryan is a diffusion line, derived from the ideas showcased in the previous collections of ROMERO BRYAN, like Bra Strap details etc. Its a more cost effective brand for those with less disposable cash.

Where does your creative inspiration come from?

Travelling. I love travelling. At the beginning of 2007, I promised myself that i would make the effort to leave my city every month even if it meant travelling to another UK city or a trip in Jamaica so be it. lol

What kind of person do you design for?

Confident, sexy, edgy individuals that like to be a bit different; non conformists.

Who are some of the most famous people you have worked with?

Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Cameron Diaz, Christina Milian, Amerie, and most recently Keri Hilson's stylist purchased some things from the new unisex ROME by Romero Bryan line.

Who do you take your cues from fashion-wise?

MYSELF lol and im not joking. I sometimes think to myself if I were a woman what would I want to wear this time next year, considering that fashion is moving in that particular way forward.
I have favourite designers such as John Galliano, Karl Lagerfield and ALEXANDER McQUEEN, but I wouldnt want to design for that certain level as I really love and enjoy the high street level. Desiging for the mass is really more my kind of thing. I want to be the next Sir Phillip Green lol.

You've shown locally (Caribbean Fashion Week) and internationally (New York Fashion Week). How different are the two fashion markets in your opinion?

Well, Caribbean Fashion week is a lovely experience in the sense that it's held on such a beautiful island. I love Jamaica a lot. However, in terms of business, CFW isn't the best place to show your collection for sales, as it's off buying season, so it's generally a show geared towards entertainment more than anything. Models are the centre of attention, where as in other fashion weeks i've done such as New York Fashion Week and Zagreb Fashion week, the designer is rightly the centre of attention.

Are you satisfied with the response and reception your lines have gotten?

Whenever i'm asked this question I always begin with 'Things could always be WORSE!' lol
I mean, I make enough money to do all the things in life i want to do, and i'm not short of anything at all. So actually, yea i'm very happy with the reception, and even more recently i'm now stocked in several shops/boutiques in the [United] States.

Fashion in the UK is a whole separate entity than in the US; it's a much more artistic process. Would you say that living there has influenced how you design?

YES and NO... People often look at my work and say it's very commercial wth an edge, kinda like Calvin Klein meets edgy Nottinghill, and that's probably why i've had more success with American audiences. However I like to take influences from places other than UK, that's why I love to travel.

Are you excited about the new fashion season now under-way in London? And will your collection be hitting any of the runways?

As i'm returning to complete my Masters in London, i've decided to opt out this season in New York and such, and return to the good old way of selling garments through concessions and word of mouth. But watch this space. I'm really excited about what I have planned for the future.

Where do you see your line in 5 years' time?

As i said watch this space.................IT'S EXCITING..........lol

How can you be reached for photoshoots, sales and such?


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