Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2010 RTW

Scott is one of fashion's freak-flag fliers, and proudly so. He makes coats of Mickey Mouse gloves and dresses in Flintstones prints. But as his collections go, Fall was downright normal.

There were sporty prints, riffs on fashion classics (the cone-bra et al), a lengthy section of jewel-covered dresses and bodysuit, and the show-stopper, an elegant evening dress with a long train that was actually an attached slip, carried by the model on a gilded hanger.

Audacity and humor were both on display in the collection that read like a comic book — with funny, quirky statements stitched into the clothes in black and white. 
  But my fave part of the collection was somewhere near the beginning- 3 black pieces sent out with leggy fashion-mag illustrations.

“I was inspired by fashion itself. Fashion’s my muse,” said the designer in an interview. “I wanted to play with the whole idea of branding the designer and the way fashion is like a religious experience. People worship a brand and worship a designer... It’s also just fun clothes.”

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