Monday, February 1, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed: Grammys 2010

So the Grammy's have come and gone. History was created for some (Beyoncé got a whopping 6 awards, the most for any female artiste in like ever), while others like Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Kings of Leon celebrated small victories going home with 7 awards in total. But seeing as this is a fashion blog, let's get to that, eh? Below is the best and worst fashion on the red carpet last night.

Best Dressed 

Miss Underwood (soon to be Mrs. Fisher) dazzled in an all-white Georges Chakra floor-length gown.

Dunno who Keri Hilson is wearing, and to be honest,  I hate the hair, but I have to admit the gown is beautiful. Nicely accents her body and the fish-tail is a very classy touch.

I love Pink to death, but God knows, glamour aint her forté. Very happy she managed to pull off this gorgeous Tony Ward Haute Couture gown. (FYI- Word is, she also wore almost US$3 million worth of diamonds.)

One of the night's big winners, having won the Album of the Year category, Taylor Swift looked age-appropriate in Kaufman Franco.

Mary J. Blige oozed subtle, sophisticated sexiness (that's a lot of S's) in Gucci. Gorgeous colour!

Style is all about knowing what to wear, where. The Grammy's isn't a stuffy-affair à la the Oscars, but it certainly isn't as laid back as the VMA's. Ricky Martin seemed to understand this,
 as he got the balance just right.

I probably would have preferred a longer dress, and Fergie seriously needs to do something with her hair, but i'll suffice with this Emilio Pucci number. For now.

And the best dressed goes tooooooo......

It's a tie between...

Jennifer Hudson looking every bit the vamp in all black everything Victoria Beckham and YSL pumps


Rihanna looking all angelic in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Now for the disasters...

Worst Dressed

Where do I start? The hair? The tie? The suit? I'll just say this to sum up my thoughts on the look- cowboy queen.

I actually like the bottom part of this Givenchy get up, but the top had me like WTF?! Dunno if anybody else in all honesty could have made this work (Rihanna, if anybody) but on Ciara, this is just a big fat #FAIL.

Beyoncé is a gorgeous girl, but I wasn't feeling this gown at all. The pyramid hieroglyphics are too much, and  the shape of the dress doesn't flatter her curviness at all. Loved her performance dress, and the gold-embellished one she accepted her last award in, absolutely hated this one.

I usually love GaGa's fashion, and i'm a huge fan of hers, but there's something off and a wee bit (ok- VERY) odd about this custom-made crystallized Armani Prive whatever it is.

And if that weren't enough... drum roll please...

Britney, Britney, Britney... ya know... Given your recent meltdown, personal and domestic problems, it would be evil of me to be too hard on you considering you're trying (operative word: trying) to make a comeback. But you should be stoned for this. Ok, maybe i'm being a bit harsh, but seriously, isn't she supposed to be repairing and protecting her image? Trailer trash hot mess!

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  1. OMG!!! Britney WHHHHHYYYY!!!!!?????!!!!! Who let her out the house looking like this!? Who wasn't around when she put this shit on!?!! I just don't understand!! *breathing* It just keeps getting worse!