Friday, October 2, 2009

Vivienne Westwood 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

This season, everything from ecological concerns to abolishing the “consumer treadmill” vied for attention with the mere clothes at Vivienne Westwood. With Rihanna, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and a pregant Roisin Murphy in attendance, the designer sent messages pinned to models, urging the audience to wise up to the environment and cheekily to “get a life.”
Other slogans were printed on the garments themselves. Obviously, Westwood wanted to get political and provocative, while indulging her own sense of fun. As for the clothes, they were exercises in indulgence, too. Chaotic prints decorated dresses, a ruffled opera gown was cut dangerously high in front and long in back and knits came ripped and disheveled resulting in dramatic, even tribal-looking pieces. The make-up seemed to channel this tribal-esque theme, when it wasn't channeling the geisha.
"Hopefully you can take a few elements of the collection without spending too much, and combine them- your mother might still have something you can use," Westwood told Reuters after her show, and that's precisely what she did. "Dress down to dress up by showing your flesh, eg ... ribbons of torn cloth, worn bikini-style," she wrote in a leaflet handed out at the show and addressed to "all eco-warriors."

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