Friday, October 9, 2009

Giles 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Debuting on the bottom rung of the Paris schedule after years of being top dog in London didn't faze Giles Deacon one bit. His collection was all cute, sixties-cartoon-ish, neon, pastel, and metallic, and full of delightful prom dresses with tons of playful accessories thrown in. "
Nutty, teenager-ish accessories: "Scooby" sunglasses with pink printed frames, spider and scorpion jewelry, neon pegs and gold-plated bulldog clips to stick in hair and festoon collars—not to mention really silly soft-toy dinosaur bags were delightful. Like so much else this season, Deacon's collection is young, and it has a believable, cheerful personality that should see him holding his own.

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