Friday, October 9, 2009

Mary Katrantzou 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Obviously influenced by the graphic print experimentation of Basso & Brooke, Mary Katrantzou delivered a sophisticated, sometimes edgy, tight line-up of some of the most beautiful graphic printage this season.
For the collection, the wavy, multicolored trompe l'oeil patterns were an intensification of the research into perfume bottles Katrantzou used last Fall. This time, she'd gotten sucked into the visual possibilities of the spiraling, fluid forms of artisanal blown glass. "It became more free-form, and kind of organic," she said of her collection. "We ended up naming some of the dresses Sea Tiger, Barracuda, and Yellow Inferno." To complete the theme, she asked a British master of art glass-blowing, Peter Layton, to make neckpieces and cuffs, and added gold Swarovski beading to a bodice section that "took six people three days to finish."

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