Saturday, August 1, 2009

Style Icon of the Week!

Born in the 40's in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Grace Jones is a singer, actress and one of the island's very first super-models.
Rising to prominence in the 80's, Jones pushed the envelope of personal style. pioneering her now trademark androgynous chic.
From her hair, to her shoulders, her high cheeks bones and lips, Jones ably used every body part to ably convey her cheeky, unconventional and sometimes jaw-dropping style choices.
At her height, her style may have seemed to fit in well with the over-the-top, wear-everything-in-your-closet stylistic choices of her counterparts Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. But where Jones always stood out was how developed her style seemed at the time in comparison to those girls; Lauper and Madonna, in their frills, heavy make-up and lace always came across as little girls having rummaged their older sister's closet. Jones' style was acute, and daring; her images seemed to challenge what you knew about fashion, and what you came to accept as women's fashion.
So while Rihanna and GaGa are seemingly getting the attention for their everyday couture choices, one can't but help to credit Grace Jones as their influence, pioneering their looks before those two were even born. Jones did drag-queen long before Rupaul and Beyonce; when Madonna had just moved to New York, she was already ruling the discos; she was fierce long before Tyra Banks; she fully embraced her inner African Queen before Iman became a household name; and while Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent may have made androgyny stylishly acceptable, Grace Jones made it cool. Who wore cage skirts first? Jones. Leggings? Jones. Leg warmers? Jones. Metallic fem-bot body suits? Jones.
At 61, Jones has 10 studio albums under her belt, hardly leaving her house in London without a gigantic and eye-catching head piece. If that doesn't make a Style Icon, I don't know what will!

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