Friday, August 7, 2009

Lily Allen the New Audrey Hepburn??

Breakfast at Tiffany's is probably one of the most stylish movies made about New York, and Audrey Hepburn, in turn, has become a fashion icon for generations of big-sunglasses-clad, statement-jewelry-wearing ladies. No surprise, then, that some high fashion house would attempt to recreate the classic eventually. Enter Karl Lagerfeld's latest campaign for Chanel's "Coco Cocoon" handbags, which features singer Lily Allen with the trademark big bouffant, bejeweled tiara, and dark shades. Though i'm not sure I particularly like it, Lily sure does a good job of capturing the right mood and, of course, the fantastic hair.


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  2. I like this campaign it's contemporary and will be very popular with the younger fashion followers wanting this bag because of Lily! I think the older generation will either love it or hate in that some people will think it's pretentious or whatever.

    However I do not think Lily Allen is the new Audrey!! There is only ever one of anything and nobody can step into that person's shoes!! And I wouldn't really say say Lily is the most classy and elegant of women. On the other hand I would say they both are outspoken and have/had strong values. xoxo

  3. well said- she is a cheeky little one, which is why i think using her for this ad campaign was a bit of a weird choice on Lagerfeld's part... oh well... it's not bad by any stretch.