Thursday, August 13, 2009

Costume National 2010 Spring/Summer Menswear Collection

Founded in 1993, the menswear line for Italian fashion house CoSTUME NATIONAL is still very young. Their contemporary relevance is even more evident each time I see a collection from them. Case in point- this one.
I'm really liking its punky, relaxed feel. While the fabrics don't really impress me, the cuts and the fit of the pieces peak my interest. There's still plenty of commercial appeal (checkered scarves, fitted jacket suits) but as seen in a very loose-fitting satin shorts suit, the collection is still edgy enough for men who are not into big name labels.
Designer Ennio Capasa has said that for this collection, he sought to make clothes for a new generation, bringing home his intent by using no-name faces on his runway. Kudos for that!

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