Thursday, July 2, 2009

CFW 2009: Julan

If the local collections shown at Caribbean Fashion Week restored my faith in local designers, then designer Juliette Dyke for the house of Julan, played a major role in its restoration.
With an attention to detailing and cut, the best compliment I can attribute to Dyke's designs is that it was very reminiscent of Claudia Pegus. Not that the designer didn't show a style all her own, but in her use of tafetta, Julan reminded me of Pegus at her best.
To begin with, the colours chosen were gorgeous and added to the seamlessness and fluidity of the collection. Dyke's attention to high waists and use of boxy pleats suggested a level of sophistication that only complemented the texture of the designs.
Shoulders and collars played an integral part of the collection, adding interesting, fanciful elements to the pieces. Whether the collar was a v-neck, an asymetrical off-the-shoulder cut, plunged dramatically into the waist giving us a lustful look at the bust, or was a classic v-neck, it was evident that Dyke is adept at flair.
The collection ended with a draped, multi-tiered, multi-collared piece, giving us a peep into the designer's possible couture side. Even if it isn't, Dyke seems to be one of a few Ready-to-Wear designers able enough to venture down that road.

Images from SociaLingua used by permission

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