Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CFW 2009: Jennivi Jordan

Participating in her first ever fashion show, designer Jennivi Jordan focused mostly on a slim, svelte silhouette.
With cuts and lines reminiscent of a more urban Balenciaga, the British designer displayed a talent that belied her rather limited experience in runway fashion.
The collection mixed patterns and prints, resulting in a very streamlined tribal-esque theme, while form-fitting short-suits displayed her trendy ready-to-wear sensiblities.
At one point in the collection, Jordan introduced chiffon (feminity, sensuality) that was in perfect juxtaposition with the toughness of the multi-coloured pant-suit it may have covered.
A very promising first collection from a designer who i'm sure will become a CFW staple.

Images from SociaLingua used by permission

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