Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Galliano Fall 2011 Menswear

It's important, that when discussing designers like Galliano, to also discuss the purpose of a collection, other than that of presenting clothes. For Galliano, ideas seem just as important, even more so, too, entire cultures.
With his new 2011 Fall collection for his menswear line, the designer went as far back as what seems to be the age of Vikings, before quickly sifting through 21st-century ballet.
If you're unfamiliar with his aesthetic, surely, the looks presented through-out may seem jarring. But, coming back to my earlier point, this is a designer who really shouldn't be taken literally or at face-value. Look deeper and you'll see exactly what you need to- wearable clothes. And on that note, this collection was chock-full of them. Heavy on coats, whether made from furs or leather, the Arabian-esque pieces towards the end of the collection were absolutely beautiful. And never one to leave out the not-so-brave fashion lover, Galliano threw a few 60's-style suits in for good measure. A winning collection this was, from start to finish.

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