Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jamaica Blog Awards!!

So... I've been officially nominated for a Jamaica Blog Awards- how cool is that?? The nomination comes under the category Best/Beauty and Fashion, and i'm currently competing with 4 other worthy blogs! As my dear, valued reader, I need your help to win, naturally. Here's what you do: click here http://jamaicablogawards.com/voting-categories/best-beauty-fashion-blog/ then click on my blog, Plaids and Stripes of course, then make sure you click on a little green button that says "Click to Vote." Once you see a confirmation message that says "Thank you for voting", you're good to go! Make sure you vote every day from now until the 16th of January!
Thank you all so much for supporting the blog, and as we soon celebrate our 2 year anniversary in June of this year, it'll only get bigger and better! All the best for the new year!



  1. Hey Dwayne,
    Congratulations on your nomination and on your inevitable win. I love reading your blog and I am going to use both my browsers to vote because you are deserving of the win!

  2. Thanks for the support, Damien! means a whole lot!