Monday, February 21, 2011

Jonathan Saunders Fall/Winter 2011

So apparently no one told Jonathan Saunders that he was designing for Fall, as mostly all of his pieces were bright, light and cheery. Not to mention colourful.
primary colours, presenting a collection of sleek, featherlight dresses in jewel tones of rich red, green and blue. Models with hair pulled back in clean, simple ponytails wore high-collared silk satin blouses and below-the-knee, multi-layered, often multi-colured sheath dresses. Although high slits showed the occasional flash of thigh, the overall style was conservative and very demure. Chunky platform shoe-boots in metallic and velvet kept the look modern, balancing the lightness of the silk garments.
Burgundy was a key colour, with many blouses, blazers and dresses also made with colourful, intricate art nouveau-inspired silk screen prints- a signature technique of Saunders.
“I was looking at something that felt kind of old fashion and seductive and kind of decadent, slightly. Something I wouldn’t look at normally for references,” Saunders said. “You know, I like graphic, minimal, modern things, and I just made myself look at it in a different way.”

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