Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2011

Ultra-sexy and über-feminine, the Emilio Pucci collection from designer Peter Dundas was a certified win! The cleavage was enhanced in sinuous dresses which featured a high, jeweled collar above a cutaway décolletage while fairytale ballgowns emerging in ivy-hued silk were slashed to reveal spine, thigh and cleavage, glittering sequins and crystals in gold and forest-green fashioning one sleeve. Also a part of the proceedings today, was a capsule collection for men that Dundas debuted alongside his womenswear.
Fabrics were sumptuous, coming in all manner of materials- from loden wool, to black velvet embellished with crystals arrayed in diamond patterns, as well as a reintepretion of classic Pucci prints in hand-painted renderings. Flawless!

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  1. It was such a great show. I loved your descriptions of the pieces, they captured the essence of the show perfectly!