Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Style Week Jamaica 2009

Having personally been a part of the planning and management of several fashion shows, I for one know how hard it is to pull everything together to make the one unit work. I know, firsthand, the hours and hours of tedious preparation needed to make the whole thing come together. Effortlessness isn't guaranteed, yet it is the only option.
Having worked for Saint International for several years now, I know that the above is certainly true, especially with this particular Style Week with an entire delegation from Paris having flown in for the two days of show last week at Port Royal (International Mecca of Style) and in the streets of Knutsford Blvd (Fashion Block).
Fashion Block went well- backstage management was smooth, the show ran well, the entertainment factor was high, the models were on point and all was done in a timely manner. However, with the International Mecca of Style, several things went awry, which I still can't understand why.
For one, the show started much too late. Having been advertised to start at 9 p.m., the show didn't start till well after 11 p.m. with no apologies or reason given.
It has to be said that the location chosen (Fort Charles) was quite interesting, even historically-rich, with cannons and such. Built in the 17th century, the fort is the oldest of Jamaica's six fortresses; one could easily see a couture show from the likes of Dior being held there. However, with poor lighting, poor seat placement, and a non-existent runway, the location was almost entirely wasted and under-utilized. The models, clad in couture gowns and 5 inch stilettos, were left to maneuver the rocky terrain, some almost falling flat on their faces.
Still, amidst the chaos, collections and ideas from H.O.D. by Gregory Williams, Skingraft Designs by Katie Kay, Pablo Palaire, White Skyy by Martin Miller and couturier Eymeric Francois shone and dazzled. Here's a mini-recap:

Skingraft Designs
Imagine goth meets sexy, Amy Lee meets Sarah Jessica Parker, and you may have the perfect image of what designer Katie Kay brought to Style Week. Working with recycled leather and tons of black, the collection may have provided somewhat of a shock to conventional patrons. Kudos have to be given to the designer, who hails from L.A., for her attention to details (gun straps, feathers, harem pants, ruffles and origami detailing) and the cohesion of the collection.

White Skyy
Martin Miller has proven year in and year out that he understands the Jamaican male physique and how to clothe it. Beenie Man’s preferred designer, White Skyy delivered as usual with dancehall-inspired ensembles in brocades and purple for the most part. There was some suede, some silk, some 70’s prints and a very impressive checkered jacket in navy and white. Full of swagger, we males should be cashing in.

Eymeric Francois
Proving plenty of drama, this Parisian couterier's collection displayed floor-length gowns made from feathers, ruffles, beads, lace, and zippers. Every piece was a stunner, and having personally worked with the designer, and handled the pieces myself, the attention to detail is even more stunning!

From top to bottom: lace and zipper couture gown from Eymeric Francois; dark and sexy drama from Skingraft Designs by Katie Kay; designer Tony Crash surrounded by a cadre of models in his designs; designer Pablo Palaire storms the runway with models clad in his creations; Gregory Williams for H.O.D. (SociaLingua photos used by permission)

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