Friday, June 5, 2009

Alexander Wang 2010 Resort Collection

Alexander Wang seems All American, he did collaborate with The Gap after all. But look deeper; his effortless rocker-chick aesthetic is almost refreshing in a time of couture and over-adorned everything. His latest resort collection is all Downtown cool-ness- lots of legs, denim, wraparound skirts, midnight blues, satin and mesh.


  1. I think you nailed the direction of the new fashion directioN in the description of this collection. The 'Sex and the City" aesthetic I believe was the climax of the cumulative ascention of trends over the past couple of years beginning in the early 00s. With the shock of the present economic and social environment, everyone in couture seems outdated, seemingly validated with the folding of the house of Lacroix recently.The senses are searching for something new lately seeming to be finding comfort in the 80's type luxurified grunge meets punk oerve cemented in a downtown manhattan cool delivery.Now it would be great to see a reinterpretation of that through Caribbean visual vocabulary.

  2. Rob, I couldn't have put it better myself! With this economic recession, it's time we see collections and clothes that we can afford from designers, the onus is now on them to scale down their garish opulence and provide clothes that can be afforded NOW. You are spot-on when you mention "Sex and the City" as the characters and stylists connected with that show have always been the purveyors of cheap chic.