Monday, June 8, 2009

The Lady Noire Affaire

To build anticipation and increase demand for their new handbag, Dior embarked on an unusual promotional activity- they have started a Twitter account that revealed one clue a day up to the 20th of May about a short film that was recently released. Directed by Olivier Dahan and starring recent Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard, the short film is titled "The Lady Noire Affaire" and is a tribute Hitchcok, elegant heroines, old-school Hollywood glamour.
The black-and-white thriller is pitch-perfect, from the shadowy cinematography to the film score's screeching strings to the extreme closeups of Marion Cotillard's sumptuous eyes.
But the Hitchcock and Dior connection is no coincidence -- Christian Dior worked on the late director's film, Stage Fright in 1950.
"I liked immersing myself in this universe of glamour and suspense and [sharing] this creative process with Mr. Galliano and the talents of the Dior house," says director Dahan. "'The Lady Noire Affair'" brings out what I call 'Romanesque' luxury, inspired by the grand classics."
Dahan describes the film as "an enigmatic story about a heroine named Lady Dior, created for Marion Cotillard," and the "tempting and romantic alchemy between a mysterious and entrancing femme fatale [who is] yet so fragile and determined by love."
This idea of dichotomy even extends onto Cotillard's hair color. She goes icy blonde (and, unsurprisingly, looks amazing).
"I had a great time interpreting a glamorous blonde Hitchcockian girl from the Fifties," she says.
Want more surprises? Then stay tuned for the next chapter, "Lady Rouge," out next season.

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