Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011

On the most literal level, Alexander Wang's Spring 2011 seemed to reference the fact that he's opening a new store in Soho later this year, construction and all. Overalls and wide-leg carpenter pants with added ribbed elastic waistbands to slouchier trousers; denim jackets accented with swaths of copper paint; a flyaway silk trench had utilitarian crisscross straps at the back. And those foil details throughout? Maybe a reference to duct tape. (If one needed more of a hint, each of his models came accessorized with swipes of white paint.)

On a not-so-literal level, it was business as usual for Wang- an emphasis on excellent outerwear, lots of white, relaxed silhouettes,  deconstruction... The effect wasn’t always successful, however, occasionally seeming more haphazard than nonchalant.

Wang also introduced his first-ever in-house prints- scribbles and doodles done by his staff and interns on a 5-foot-by-5-foot sheet of paper in the studio and reproduced on fabrics in washed-out hues.

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