Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sessilee Lopez and Georgie Badiel for Style Week Jamaica 2010

Well, leave it up to Saint International to kick things up a notch on the runway here in Jamaica. Whether it is showing international couturiers like Kevin O'Brian and Eymeric Francois, or having international media like Arise magazine pulling looks for an editorial directly after each collection, the agency knows what it takes to put on a show.
This year was no different, as in addition to the likes of Shena Moulton and Sosheba Griffiths in the house (the two have walked for Louis Vuitton and Givenchy respectively), we were graced with the presences of two of the hottest models in the world right now- Georgie Badiel and Sessilee Lopez!
I absolutely died having met them backstage, they are too fun! They rocked the runway in designs from H.O.D. by Gregory Williams, 3D by Dexter Pottinger and Indashio. Here's a look at what happened backstage with them!

Here's my friend Jermaine posing with Sessilee and Georgie both in designs by Donovan Depass. Jermaine wears a jacket designed by Dexter Pottinger.

Kareen and Sessilee, both wearing Allan Virgo

Sessilee being interview backstage during a break

Designer Gregory Williams poses with Georgie who wears his H.O.D. design

Georgie (in H.O.D. by Gregory Williams) joins Sessilee in 3D by Dexter Pottinger

Sessilee and MEEEE!!! She's wearing a design by Indashio

Kareen with Indashio himself

Jotasha and the girls, all in Donovan Depass designs, line up

Singer-turned-designer Ashley Martin didn't show her collection, but she certainly represented

Sessilee ready to open Yola Gray's wedding collection


  1. Sessilee...Sessilee....Loveeee....Sigh.

    I didn't have time to follow you on twitter bout SWJ but by the pictures....something tell mi that SWJ was hotter than CFW?????

  2. Well, I suppose there was more of a buzz surrounding Style Week, especially with such heavy international interest in the shows and support. With CFW, one really didn't get a sense that it was something as momentous as their tenth anniversary from the shows alone, and apart from a few collections, the shows were quite boring.

  3. Overall about CFW and seeing its was the 10th...I got the same feeling and i am in Trini. But the majority of ppls i asked....same tone and feeling.

  4. They really need to step the thing up, it's the same old same old year in year out. Very boring.