Saturday, July 3, 2010

Male Summer Style Guide

So it's summer once again, and like every other year, it's hot as hell. For a lot of men, especially in the Caribbean, we often think that because of the heat, we're excused from looking good, but really that's not true. All we need to do is just make a few, inexpensive adjustments to our wardrobe and personal grooming, and we're good to go. Inspired by my friends over at GQ (I wish), here are a few tips in looking good this summer, on the beach or off.

1. Chop it Up (Or Rather, Off)

Have you been thinking of getting that new buzz cut lately? If you have, now's the time to do it. Crop your hair low on the sides, leaving a little extra on the top, but make sure to leave it low; it'll help to keep you cooler. Be careful, though, a completely bald look isn't entirely flattering in these hot times, and unless you plan to wear a hat everywhere you go, the over-exposure on the top of you head won't be good for your skin at all. Oh. And keep beards low, too.

2. Keep Hair and Skin Moisturized

While sun-block is important out-doors, it's also important you keep skin, face, lips and hair moisturized while inside. A dry look isn't cute. Also, when buying hair food, make sure it isn't oily or oil-based. The less gloop, the better.

3.  Don't Smell Like Last Season

Summerize your scent, treat yourself to a new cologne out. There are a lot, just do a little research to find the scent that suits your personality and taste.


4. Get Some New Shoes

That goes without saying, nor do I need to expound. Try sandals, canvas or a lighter leather.


5. Keep Shirts Short-Sleeved and Fitted

To help keel cool, keep shirts, especially during the day, in light hues, and short-sleeved. If you're not into colours, stick with white cotton. It can be washed and worn with anything.


6. Get a New Watch

Most men think that if they wear watches, it has to have a metallic band. But while that may add a certain maturity to a look, metal on your skin during hot times feels horrible. Get a watch with a canvas band that you can wear during the day, it'll help your skin breathe better.


7. Keep It Short

I know you love your jeans, I do too. But there really is no reason to wear them everywhere. Try some shorts, dude. Khaki, plaid, cargo, seersucker, it don't matter, just try some.

8. Protect Your Eyes

I can't stress how important eyewear is enough. Sun glare does irreparable damage to your retinas. Trust. Furthermore, you look so much cooler with shades, anyway. Keep metallic frames for work, plastic and sporty frames for casualwear.


9. Give Your Black Leather Belt a Rest

Get some cool canvas belts, even for work. Woven belts work too. Just make sure buckles aren't gaudy and they complement your look.

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