Thursday, March 4, 2010

Costume National Fall/Winter 2010 RTW

Excellent, fresh and well-layered are some of the words that came to mind while viewing Costume National's Fall 2010 collection earlier today.

The first four looks or so, for both men and women, stressed on fantastic shearling coats and black boots. But then the collection got really interesting, really fast.

More shearling jackets came, this time in fantastic shades of tan, but what I loved with the collection on the whole, was how everything looked and felt fresh. Pochos didn't look like ponchos; coats had extra, eye-catching belt and flap-collar details; ravelly scarves hung as far as the knees... Everything looked lived-in and ready to be worn in the great outdoors.

Indeed, while every other designer has seemingly gone the way of opulence, evidenced in their usage of great, plushy furs, Costume National's determined rusticity enabled their collection to stand-out from the pack. Bravo, Ennio Capasa!

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