Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

I didn't see the runway presentation live stream for Marc Jacobs' Spring collection, but I heard it was fantastic. But really, if you're even familiar with the Jacobs name, you know he's every bit the showman. However, I felt more than a pang of disappointment having viewed the pieces in the collection; there was hardly much to wear in real life. Sure, Jacobs is a couturier at heart but he's always had a knack of sifting through complex and grandiose ideas, coming up with stand-out, iconic pieces. Not so much this time around.
With some fringe, some gingham, some denim, the silhouette was mainly 1920's-esque replete with flapper dresses. But not only did the clothes look dull for Spring, but they fell flat given the name attached to them. Maybe he's focusing on his supposed negotiations to take over at Dior, but whatever the cause, consider this collection a major disappointment.

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