Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fendi Fall/Winter 2011

Karl Lagerfeld knows how to stick to a theme. Known more for his work with Chanel, the designer uses the Fendi label to present more wearable, utilitarian clothes. Nowhere was this more obvious than the Fendi Fall 2011 collection.
Think New York, think lady in her 30's, think Upper East Side, think colour, and chances are you'll get the collection. I have to admit I didn't particularly like it when I first viewed it two weeks ago. But you know what? The more I look at it, the less I can find a look I actually don't like.
It's a superb collection- the colours, the jackets, the furs, the skirts, the stockings, the goggles, the bags; everything is so well-tailored and -styled. Sure, this isn't a collection for the younger, more Downtown set, but I can easily see older, less trend-seeking ladies milling about, whether to the office or even a fashion show in some of these looks.
The mix of textures- fox, crocodile, shearling, mink, Persian lamb- was exquisite, but the most impressive thing about this collection was how chic, yet practical these clothes are. Bravo.

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