Thursday, March 3, 2011

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2011

The full skirt is making a comeback this season, it seems, and it seems Nicolas Ghesquière got the memo. The collection, admittedly, wasn't as cutting-edge as other Balenciaga collections seasons past, but one would be hard-pressed to not agree that it was at least very wearable.
Fantasy prints featuring lizards and flowers were adorned on hip-slung, folded-petal skirts covering the knees. Ghesquière called his new print, a multi-coloured dream-landcsape on white silk, "almost like a hallucination, like when you are a child and everything seems bigger than it is".
The key silhouette was a larger boxy top half, and a tapering lower half, with height added in the form of high-heeled, coloured snakeskin or black and white, multi-strapped sandals and ankle-boots.
Dimension also played a big part in a series of dresses in primary colors, all covered in a string mesh.
Combining Renaissance court neck and shoulder ruffles, high-tech sequin panes, silk panels in mixes of bright white and Roman imperial purple, Ghesquiere whipped up a great finale of tough yet dreamy dresses and tunics worn over neoprene leggings.


  1. I love the bold colours but i hate the cut work. Balenciaga is better than this collection in my humble opinion.

  2. I have to agree I was slightly disappointed, but in my opinion, the collection was pretty good. Not Ghesquière's best, though.