Friday, June 17, 2011

CFW 2011: Night Three

 Night three for Caribbean Fashion Week was a bit more eventful than the other nights, and in all honesty, I was able to sift through some pretty decent pieces through-out the night. I arrived just in time for the second segment, and was treated to performances from Beenie Man and R&B star Joe, and even with a brief blackout, (yes, you read right- A BLACKOUT!) the energy was pretty high right through. Here's the best of the runway collections I saw, and then some.


Designed by friend Juliette Dyke, Julan's collection consisted of a pre-collection made of sea island cotton in addition to the main collection which was shown after. The pre-collection was simple, emphasizing clean lines and maxi silhouettes. I personally loved the colour, and in all honesty, if Dyke had stretched this out for the entire collection, I wouldn't have had any qualms. 

Here are some of the pieces from Julan's main collection. It was all about sass and bad-ass punk attitude, I even loved the runway music. There were a few pieces with some leather detailing, I absolutely loved those. Unfortunately, my camera started to screw itself around that time. Still, if you look at the very last piece, you can get an idea of what I mean. All in all, it was a very wearable collection from Julan, and a marked improvement from her collection last year.

Attitude by Ashley Martin

Ashley Martin may have emphasized presentation over content for her "Attitude" line, but it cannot be denied that there were some good pieces here. There were frills and things, but my fave pieces came towards the end with the patterned and sequined body-con gowns.


If you didn't already know, Earl "Biggy" Turner's modus operandi is via the dancehall. With each collection, he looks to dancehall music and culture for inspiration for his pieces, and more usually than not, it works wonderfully. This season, though, I was rather bored with his collection. Sure, there were some nice colours and the usual sheer motif, but I didn't see much to be excited over.


But what Biggy might have lacked in content, Italian designer Milica Pesic more than made up for in her "Everblazing" collection. The collection was very urban, very Jamaican, very eye-catching. I love the chain embellishments, and I could easily see myself rocking a few of those blazers. But what I found even more uncanny was how Pesic was able to actually make the collection look soooo Jamaican. I dunno if the whole urban edge is her usual design aesthetic, or even if she designed this collection specifically for a Jamaican/Caribbean market, but whatever. It worked.

And last but not least, Gavin Douglas made a very, very small presentation with just four pieces before he discussed briefly his brain-child, a venture that would provide young and upcoming designers with the opportunity to develop their line. I loved the shoes!

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